Quentin Tarantino turned down Johnny Depp for Comics due to concerns that he would take attention away from the film’s commercial success

Aside from film companies pushing for a glance by the Pirates of the Caribean actor, Quentin Taranntino has stated that he was opposition to casting Johnny Dep in the cult movie Pup Fiction.

The original director allegedly demanded ohny for the role of Pupkin, claiming that it was originally written for Reservoir Dog star Tim Rot.

Despite being noted as the second choice for the special role, studio executive opposite the filmmaker over his casting choices, but Queentin demanded it wasn’t the best choice for the film. Rodents Medavoy, co-founder of Falcon Pictures and former president of TriSar Pictures, was the one who famously pased on approving Pup Fictionn in the first place.

Quentin contends that having the Edward Scisorhands actor play Pumpkinn wouldn’t add’much to the ticket sales’ and denied to change his mind about his upper two choices for the iconic figure, Tim and Christian Slatr.

‘On the internet, there is already a thing flying around among my list of desires and the cast of Sitcoms,’ the filmmaker clarified on the 2 animals, 1 Cave talk show.

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