Rescue Puppy adores her first toy so much that she refuses to put it down to eat

The rescue of 3,000 creatures from the research organization surprised the world. They’re all starting their new lives now, and they can finally relax and be animals.

Jerry was one of 119 dogs rescued.. She arrived with her six puppies and was eager on caring for them. Her rescuers soon discovered that she’d really only known life as a mother.

«At age three, Jerry came from a clinic that used her to make babies, so she doesn’t really realize how to ‘dog.'»

«She’s preoccupied with loving for those babies.» I’m looking forward to the day when she’ll be free of that job and able to be a frequent fun girl.»

Jerry’s adoptive mother has been trying to teach her how to act like a dog. Her foster wife decided to get her some toys. Jerry fell in love with a green stuffed toy almost quickly and denied to lay it down.

Jerry began carrying her new toy every where — and when it was time to eat, she took her new toy with her and attempted to eat without taking it down.

«I hope she finds someone with whom she can spend her times and who will allow her play!»

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