Rescuers discover a bear trapped in a storm drain and realize she is not alone

At the point a mom bear shouted out for help.

The animal most likely entered the storm drain system for a drink at a nearby place where found a water, but she quickly turned to be too far into the pipes to find an exit.

But the animal was not alone; she was accompanied by two small children.

The people lowered a log and a ladder into the storm drain, and hope she would climb up through the opening using the log. Instead, the mama bear and her cubs ran away from the objects, deeper into the drainage system.

With no other option, one of the biologists began imitating a bear cub call from above the surface to help the animal to climb up the log on her own.

Within minutes, the mama creature poked her head through the storm drain opening in search of the bear cub in distress.

Local peopleand rescue center were relieved to have completed this task of rescuing the animals, almost as relieved as the mother bear was saved with her children.

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