Rescuers help koala who is trying to cling to a fence as she is in trouble

Two Rescuers couldn’t help but notice something strange up ahead as they strolled through the landscape.

They have overlooked her with just a look. When they looked closer, they saw a scared little koala.

The Rescuers quickly requested professional assistance, and they arrived shortly thereafter. «We honestly believed we had to take the focus away them while Kyle crept under the gate to get her.» Evans explained.

«A simple task, but the mud was thick!» The koala was carefully taken from between the wire fencing and the post by rescuers.

They then returned her to their safe place, where she could recover securely. The emergency workers could tell that the animal, whom they nicknamed Bon, was completely drained by her ordeal.

Bon, on the other hand, adjusted well to their care and started eating and taking back her strength.»Bon is a lovely young lady.» Frasr said.

«She enjoys sniffing the plants we offer and will immediately tell us whether she likes them or not!» Bon will be returned to the area where she was discovered after about 2 weeks in their care.

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