Reunified Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make their first public appearance together at the Award Gala following the revelation  Trailer for a Netflix film

After the unveiling of the surprising trailer for their upcoming Netflix movie, Megan and Hary put on a coherent front at the Riple of Hope Award Gala.

They were recognized at the renowned ceremony, and they reached on the red carpet arm in arm.

She looked stunning in a white off-the-shoulder dress, black heels, and very little jewelry, as she smiled and waved for the cameras.

In the meantime, Harry dressed formally in a black blazer and slacks, a white shirt, as well as a dark tie. On the evening, they were joined by Alec Bennett, who was hosting the event, in addition to Lynn King, Darren Key, John Oliver, and the Kennedy family.

This was the couple’s first press conference since the update of the 2nd new trailer for their contentious Netflix movie, in front of quantity one’s release on Friday.

The 6 special will showcase Megan and Harry informing their side of story following their highly contested exit from their family in 2020 and successive move to the US.

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