Salma Hayek looks like a queen in a Cinderella-inspired blue gown as she attends the Puss in Boots premiere with Antonio Banderas

The 57-year-old performer was joined at the event on Tuesday night by lifelong friend and cast member Antonio Banderas, 63.

Authoritative Competition winner looked absolutely stylish in a royal blue lambskin denim shirt.

The Wild West star flanted her amazing figure in the gown, which featured a pure, corset garment protected in crystals.

Hayek, who was born in Coatzacolcos, Mexico, looked stunning in the limited gown with quick and pure sleeves.

The outfit pulled in at her mid — section before fanning out with a gently maxi skirt, emphasizing the maiden’s cutting waists.

In the delicate and feminine ensemble, the mother-of-one, who is husband and wife to Françis-Henri Pinult, looked like a princes.

Salma’s black hair was split up across the middle and organized in copious beachy curls that brushed her chest.

She grinned for photographs at the event’s walk main entrance before the celebrity testing at Lincoln Center.

Banderas was adorably gentle and loving with his co-stars on the red carpet, putting his arms over them for pictures.

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