See the power of friendship. Find out who a cat considers a pal

So everything occurred in Chile, in the city of Punta Arenas. The man, Benjamin Sagredo, had a pet whistled Simon, not extremely youthful, however not exceptionally old by the same token.

One night, while staring at the TV, he heard a bizarre noise in the kitchen.

He was too languid to even consider getting up, so he chose to overlook him — it should be Simon who pursues something in the kitchen, Benjamin thought.

He showed up at the kitchen, everything was calm, and he could see the display of Simon the feline calmly savoring water his bowl, with a little dim mouse at the opposite finish of the bowl.

In the wake of drinking, the feline and mouse began playing.

However, to come clean, he became enamored with this little dark animal, he became accustomed to it and, surprisingly, created a name for it: Chefsito.

From this point forward, the feline and mouse would eat together, play and spend time.They do love being together and are very happy that they found each other.

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