Senior rescue dog is passionate about his duty as ‘Best Pup’

At the point when Sara appeared for her first date with her presently spouse, Josh, Rocky was the absolute first thing she saw.

She quickly experienced passionate feelings for the small senior salvage little guy, and in the end she went gaga for Josh, as well.

Rough has been there all through their whole relationship, so when the pair started arranging their wedding, they realized they maintained that him should assume a significant part.

They concluded that Rocky would hold two titles during the service — «best little guy» and ring conveyor.

They motivated him a little suit to wear, and between the suit and his super durable «blep» because of him missing a few teeth, he looked totally awesome.

Is there anything cuter than a canine with a minuscule purple tie and his tongue standing out? Likely not.

Whenever the day at long last came, Rocky treated his tasks extremely in a serious way … generally.

While everybody adored seeing the couple seal the deal, it’s potential they cherished seeing Rocky up there with them significantly more.

Eventually, Rocky played out his jobs how he would have preferred to — and his folks could never have had it differently.

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