Senior shelter dog taken away on mini vacation for the sweetest reason

Lero has been a resident of Rescue since over 6 years. That’s more than 50 percent of the shepherd mix’s life without a permanent family.

Fortunately, rescue helpers give every dog the chance to get free, even if only for a fun short holiday. It was recently Lero’s time, and it was a vacation he will never forget.

«Our staff and volunteers were provided a lakefront property with a guest house to use for bringing shelter dogs for a vacation from shelter life.»

«This was a fantastic chance to allow our animals a break and see how they really are in a home setting.» It was pretty incredible and heartfelt to be able to see our dogs in this light.»

Muro and Lero took in the landscapes, ate delicious food, and touched everything in sight.

The getaway also represents the first time Lero has received his own bed.Lero returned to the rescue after a fun weekend away, but he had made lots of good memories to replace those of his shelter life.

Lero would love to find his forever family after spending so much time at the guest house.

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