Sharon Stone, 64, is an artist now! She has been photographed in her workshop

Sharon Stone has spent her entire adult life acting in films and television shows like as Ratched and The Flight Attendant.

However, the 64-year-old performer has recently devoted much of her time to another hobby: painting.

The desire to paint struck her several years ago, but the beauty queen has only recently revealed her studio, which is a big room inside her Beverly villa.

On Monday, the former man cover girl posted photos to Instagram of herself working on a big roll with vibrant colors.

‘Welcome to my workshop,’ the mom of three stated in her tag line whilst also painting in a white shirt, black shorts, and tights.

The room was fantastic and had high ceilings. A worktop behind her held some many paint jars along with paper towels and brooms.

Shortly after, she posted a visuals of pictures, some of which featured her work. Blue was the title of one of the paintings. In her headline, she stated, ‘LOVEEEEEEE.’

Sharon Stone invites her Instagram followers to her new art workshop.

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