Sharon Stone «accepts» a fourth child after a tragic event happens to her son’s friend

As per news, Sharn S. has taken in her child’s best friend after a family tragedy.

The Basic Instinct actress has previously embraced 3 children and is believed to have added a fourth child to her offspring.

Thus according findings, the 64-year-old accepted her son Ron’s closest buddy into the fold after his father passed away, leaving him alone now.

‘This occurred about a year ago, and she maintained it fairly quiet,’ an intelligence source claimed.’

The child is indistinguishable from her son Ron, and they all live together in her lovely house.’ ‘It’s fantastic for Roan so they’re great buddies and she enjoys having a large family all over her.’

‘Sharon says he’s her «not biological son» — that’s how she explains him, and that’s her dedication, though I’m not sure if steps have been taken to codify it legally yet,’ they decided to add to the Daily Express.

Sharon has been tight-lipped about her personal life in latest days, but she is believed to have talked openly about the recent change to the Stone family at a latest movie celebration.

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