Shelter dogs meet each other by touching noses across their animal shelter fence

Sophi tried her best to feel like home when she got animal shelter in July.

She felt boring at times, but the good news was that she knew she might show up her head over the wall, where her roommate, Duche, should be waiting to give her a caring nod.

«It’s touching to see 2 animals find comfort in each other,» shelter volunteer said.Sarace first realised this actions when she was filming Duche and was stopped by Sophi on the other wall’s other side.

«I knew Sophi had done it before,» Sarace said. «I’m always delighted when the rescue dogs discover a way to make their stay a bit less sad and unhappy.»

«Sophi was needy for a canine companion!» Sarace stated. Sophi had found her forever parents by October, but she will never forget Duche’s warmth and generosity.

Duche is still looking for a place to feel at home, at which his parents, like Sophi, will be eager to provide him with love

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