Shift workers in Krasnoyarsk rescued an orphaned bear, and he grew very attached to them

There is an island where shift laborers found this whelp polar bear who meandered isolated nearby the base looking for food. The laborers took care of the teddy bea.

He lived with laborers for a long time, lived with individuals and adjusted to them.

And yet, shift laborers understood that over the long haul the child would grow up, and they would be compelled to return home, and he would be let be.

They shared that having discovered that the specialists would leave soon, yet he didn’t have a mother, and that he had the option to get by with the assistance of individuals, there was a high likelihood that one bear would never again get by.

At the point when one more group of shift laborers went, the bear was not found. He was away and he could as of now not live in the wild and turned out to be totally manual.

Then, at that point, they chose to send him to the zoo in Moscow, briefly, which was finished.

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