Snoop Dogg remembers being outsmoked by Willie Nelson on a famous Amsterdam night: ‘I don’t want to demonstrate signs of weakness,’ he says

Snoop Dogg evidenced on his most totally baked moment, confessing that he was ‘outsmoked’ by Willie Nelson.

It’s no mystery that the Drop It Like It’s Hot rap artist enjoys marijuana, and he even employs an expert blunt roller, whom he dramatically raised his pay.

Even so, the 52-year-old disclosed on the Let’s Go! with Tom Bradie, Larry Fitgerald, and Jim Graay podcast that the song legend outclasses him.

Tom asked the guest about the’most stoned’ he’d ever experienced in his life, which prompted the tall tale.

‘To Willie Nelson,’ he responded. ‘We were in Rotterdam on 5/20, and he was performing there.

‘So we went back to his hotel and played board games. Willie smoked a vaporizers, smoked a joint, smoked a blunt, and smoked a pipe.’I was starting to play board games one-on-one with him.

Snoop continued, ‘I’m attempting to stop but I can’t even though I don’t want to demonstrate any signs of weak spot,’ as the presenters burst out laughing.

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