Special needs rescue duck is surprised by rain for the first moment

Cherio turned up at center, when he was just a day old. Amanda, his new mother, didn’t think he’d make it through the night.

Now that the creature is undergoing new challenges, such as rain, Clark is documenting each unique moment.

«When Cherio just saw and realized the rain, it was pure joy.» «His little face rises. You could tell he was interesting and happy to be there.»

The event marked a milestone in the life of the special needs animal. Cherio is blind in one eye and has serious issues that prevent him from walking without support, but he still admires the little things.

«It was difficult not to cry noticing him encounter something for the first time that many creatures get to enjoy all the time,» Clark said.

«He continued to gaze at the rain with the cutest little cheeks!» Clark stated, «Cherio has changed my life in numerous ways.»

«He is a true inspiration to never give up, to continue going, to keep trying, and not to give up hope.» Looking for joy in the smallest of things. He’s a wonderful little creature.»

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