Stepa, a Russian bear who was adopted 23 years ago and still lives with his owners

Svetlana and Yuri, right away, are the most Russian couple. The couple chose to make a frantic stride — they live with a bear weighing 140 kilos.

The couple shielded a bear when he was just three months old he actually resides with them and, as Svetlana says, he even aides her around the house.

We can say that the Panteleenko family meets all generalizations about the Russian family.

Their home is wooden and encircled by a birch forest, they like to drink tea from a samovar in the organization of a genuine bear.

The teddy bear experienced childhood with his rear legs is 2 meters 13 cm, however it is now manual to the point that each night he pushes on the love seat to his proprietors and stares at the television with them.

The family guarantees that his assistance in the family is priceless, particularly in the late spring, when he waters the beds persistently.

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