Stephan the bear has become a popular model with whom many fans wish to have their photos taken

Models from all over the world like to pose with Stephan Bear, a fashion model. Mia Zhdnova originally intended to create a photo and video project featuring the Stephan bear.

He wasn’t just a domesticated bear. But it’s also a very charming animal. People in other countries discovered Stephan, who works as a photo model shortly.

The program goes further than scope of a typical photo shoot. Models and photographers are now eager to work with him.

People from various countries are pleasantly surprised to learn that bears can be sentimental.

Kira discovered a friendless teddy bear in the forest 25 years ago. The pair fell in love with the bear, so much so that he became a family member.

When a famous Italian model went to shoot with Stephan, he noticed that shooting with kittens was easier than shooting with such a big creature.

Stephan discovered how to photograph for photos in an amazing way and how to interact with models. People around the world have had their heart and soul melted by the photos of Stephan.

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