Sylvester Stallone’s slipper socks are the highlight of his Christmas celebrations with wife Jennifer Flavin and daughters

Sylvester Stalone experienced the most comfy Xmas ever, complete with his legendary fuzzy slipers.

The Rocky actor celebrated with his daughters and wife Jenifer Flavin, whom he lately remarried after a momentary divorce.

In a cute Instagram video, the 75-year-old showed off his groovy ensemble, making all of us remarkably envious.

‘OK, who wants a spa treatment?’ Frank, Sly’s brother, inquired from behind webcam as he disclosed their amusing shoes. Seriously, where can we purchase a couple of those?

‘Hope everybody has a Xmas day!’ he titled the post.

Jennifer Sylvester made news earlier this month when she revealed that she had divorced her husband in August, ending their 25-year marital relationship.

The couple, who have 4 children, were capable of working through their problems and reawakened their love story in Oct, and have been in romance ever since.

In a meeting with Entertaiment Tonight, he stated that he would give up his valuable acting carer without doubt for his family.

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