The cutest ‘Best Dog’ at a wedding chooses to swim instead

From one viewpoint, it was Jax’s folks’ important day, one they’d most likely been fastidiously making arrangements for months.

This week, wedding picture taker Alex Simon shared some funny film from a new marital in which the couple’s cute canine, Jax, was obviously filling the role of ‘best puppy.’

While, preferably, one with that job would assist with keeping things chugging along as expected, the water-cherishing canine clearly had different plans.

During a photograph shoot with different groomsmen, Jax saw an ideal swimming spot was perfect behind them. Furthermore, indeed, he just couldn’t miss it.

Luckily, notwithstanding Jax leaving all propriety in taking that improvised plunge, the real wedding function seems to have continued effortlessly.

In other words, beside the «hitch» everybody was there for.

Without a doubt, the photograph shoot must be required momentarily to be postponed while Jax sprinkled around in the lake, however for picture taker Alex Simon, it just made the couple’s important day even more noteworthy.

«We as a whole thought that it is crazy,» Simon said «He just needed to observe his opportunity and he took it!»

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