The cutest reaction to getting her own pool is from a rescue pig

Billie the salvage pig had never been in a pool — not to mention had one of her own. However, that changed when she showed up at salvage focus.

Presently, the water-adoring pig can’t get enough. «She totally adores it.» «She spends her days poolside, touching or eating.»

Friedman watched the 2-and-a-half-year-old Kunekune pig’s most memorable pool insight with amuse as she stepped in the water and stayed in that careful spot for «at least three hours.»

They needed to continue to keep an eye on Billie to be certain she was good, at the end of the day, Billie was flourishing.

In her past life, Billie lived in a wet storm cellar that overflowed frequently. She and her pig sibling, Moby, acted the hero, where they’ve been allowed a second opportunity at life.

Pools aren’t the main spot Billie likes to unwind. She can likewise be found in the lake absorbing the beams or holding up close to the water with her mouth open, trusting a treat will fall in.

Billie may be carrying on with her best life currently, however Friedman credits Billie.

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