The dog was taken aback when she noticed who was standing behind her

Molly could feel someone sneaking up behind her as she waited outside the venue for her parents’ wedding.

The large dog nearly did not notice the woman in the white dress when she turned around. But Molly couldn’t stop herself from defining over when she realized who it was.

«It was like she stopped and said, ‘Oh my god, is that my Mother?’ When Sara, began planning their wedding, they realized that they wanted Molly to be a part of it.

«We realized that having brought Lucy to our celebration would add another layer of organising to our special day, however after talking about it, we finally agreed that she had been here for the entire time and earned to be there,» Sara explained.

«Because we didn’t have any children at our marriage, Molly served as our flower girl!»

«Getting her be a member of this special day and special moment in my dress was also something I wouldn’t trade for anything,» Sara said. «She is a one-of-a-kind dog.»

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