The faithful Akita waited for his owner outside the hospital for a week

The Akita breed is known for its incredible dependability to its lord and it is no happenstance that the canine from the film «Hachiko» had a place with this variety.

Akita, otherwise called Maya, keep tight for its proprietor before the emergency clinic for seven days.

Maya’s proprietor, Sandra Iniesta, 22, was getting back from an excursion in Barcelona with her dad Manuel when she unexpectedly felt stomach torment.

The family quickly went to the clinic, where Sandra was determined to have an infected appendix.

The young lady was hospitalized and the dependable canine stayed situated at the entryway of, not entirely set in stone to sit tight for his escort.

Manuel attempted to bring the Akita home, yet the canine opposed energetically, so he left it there.

Akita remained at the entryway of the emergency clinic for an entire week, until a proprietor tracked down the gathering.

Sandra and Maya have gotten back, and the account of this steadfast canine has stood out as truly newsworthy of the neighborhood press.

Sandra’s dad made a move to thank every one of the people who helped Maya in this troublesome time.

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