The Kindest happy ending and a teacher’s emotional ‘Goodbye’ 

The lovely creature who lived on the streets until he was rescued by a kind stranger.

However, the man was pushed to make a difficult choice: search for a new home for the cute puppy or lose his own shelter.

Their story has lately melted the hearts of many people — and with the best reason. «The little individual was discovered as a stray, and this man, who was a professor, took this sweet boy to take care for him.»

«But still it didn’t last long because his homeowner advised him to really let go the puppy when he discovered it.»

The man did what he believed was best for the adorable pit bull: he went to the shelter and waited for someone to show up so he could explain the difficult circumstances.

Fortunately, they identified the situation and decided to step in to assist. Scholar was named by the rescue staff in honor of the who took such good care of him.

They are now determined to locate a forever home for this adorable creature.

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