The pensioner was offered half a million dollars for a fantastic cat, but he refused. He does not sell his friends

The feline is recognized by extraordinary insight and high knowledge.

Leva from Mongolia and the fancy woman suffocated every one of his family, and left this feline on account of her unconventional appearance.

She meandered for quite a while and went over an army installation. That is where she saw Peter Petrovich.

He served there, and after its finish he brought the whelp to his back home Kaliningrad.

The cat and the proprietor were exceptionally joined to one another and the previous official had the option to prepare him so that he became popular all through the city and many respected him.

Prior to dying, Pyotr Petrovich’s better half requested to make a collar for Leva out of her dabs and the official really wanted to satisfy the last will of his dearest.

The most intelligent feline before long became known all through Kaliningrad and Peter Petrovich was offered very nearly 500 thousand, yet the retired person declined, on the grounds that the feline resembles his own kid, so he didn’t actually want to sell it.

Sadly, increasingly few individuals might be recognized by such honorability and can see the value in not just material merchandise.

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