The reason for the late arrival of presidential dogs in the White House

After formally moving into the White House, Biden’s two canines are settling into their new digs; both appear to have adjusted well and like their new surroundings.

The Bidens had been in their new home since last week, but the German shepherds were a little behind schedule since the Bidens wanted to settle in first.

Several photographs have already surfaced on various social media platforms and news agencies, showing the puppies getting to know the White House’s surrounds.

Champ is nearly ten years old and has been with the family since 2008. He even managed to live in the vice-presidential house in Washington, D.C.

The Biden family was praised at the time for opting to adopt rather than buy. As a result, Major becomes the first adopted dog to live in the White House, a historic event that was even celebrated by the shelter.

Furthermore, the director expressed gratitude to everybody who participated in the event, particularly for the enormous number of donations received.

Champ and Major will continue to enjoy their new lives as the official dogs of the US presidential family for the time being.

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