The rescuers went to great effort to locate missing dogs and return them to their owners. Look at how it happened

Families severely damaged by the floodwaters were trying to put their lives back together. Missing pets wandered the streets, hoping to be rescued.

Fortunately, rescue bus was already on its direction. The salvage bus, stocked with animal feeds, pillows, containers, and other equipment, made its way through the streets of Orlando, ready to assist those in need.

Shortly, their bus was crowded with lost dogs who were all relieved to be on their way to a safe place where they could rest.

The mission of the rescue is to reunite parents with their pets. They do not want anybody who has already suffered so much to lose their dog.

They have been delighted to provide emergency housing while families decide what to do next.

«It’s always satisfying to understand that you’ll be capable of reuniting the animals with their persons,» Hoffman said.

By now, the rescue has assisted many of the dogs who have been abandoned by their families in finding loving, forever housing.

Though many are still slowly recovering from the storm, citizens and thankful pets are slowly getting back to normal thanks to organizations like this.

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