The Shelter hosts the cutest surprise party for an unadoptable lovely dog

Meet Pablo, who recently hosted a significant celebration. Birthdays are widely celebrated quietly at the animal center, but for Pablo, staff at Society realized they must do something special.

«She was wearing a party hat and pretty collar, and the entire workers gathered and sang to her.» «She had a sweet potato cake, which she adored!»

«The cake company put her a Happy Birthday sign for her doorway.»

«She is particular about her people,» Collins explained. «She truly loves you when she admires you.»

People she dislikes, on the other hand, she despises. And she is not fond of other dogs.»

«We shifted her to a more fancy office,» Collins explained. «She has three or four dog beds and takes a nap in all of them.»

«When she showed up, she was 13, she had issues, so she was not an excellent option for adoption since she arrived with so many issues and her treatment would be costly for most people,» Collins explained.

Collins believes her personality is what makes her one of the most unforgettable dogs they’ve ever had.

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