The story of a puppy who was abandoned in an empty apartment

An American family chose to change their place of home and removed everything from their old house with the exception of their canine.

The canine’s name was Daenerys and she was abandoned in a short period of time.

For a really long time, Dinerys remained at the entryway groaning with the expectation that his «darling» proprietors would return to get her, however this didn’t occur.

Following eight days, individuals safeguarded her. The canine was transferred to volunteers.

She has continually took care about her Dinerysa, saying loving words to her, saluting her, kissing her and looking at her with love, telling her that not all individuals on the planet can be like that.

Following fourteen days, Dinerys started to trust Tara a bit and in some cases came to see her herself.

At the point when Tara saw that Dinerys was prepared to open her heart and love, she tracked down her new proprietors. Dinerys went to live in Colada with Justine.

The lady saw photographs of Dineris in the promotion and promptly experienced passionate feelings for her.

It didn’t take long for the canine to become acclimated to Justine, they immediately became indistinguishable companions.

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