The story of a wandering little kitten who came across a substantial and welcoming family

A man tracked down a little cat a couple of hours old in his nursery. He brought him in his arms and brought him back home.

The man sat close to the cat the entire evening and took care of it on request. As indicated by the man, the cat awakened like clockwork and requested food.

The man called the worker association and informed him regarding the little cat, which he had found when he was tiny and presently required help.

A young lady came and took the cat. At the point when she got back, she gave him the name Norris and began dealing with her.

At some point, a little kid volunteers to bring back three other wanderer cats who need care. Noriss was exceptionally content with his new family.

Leila sat close to the little cats constantly and looked after their rest.

At the point when the cats grew up, they were set free from the recreation area and, with Leila, they ran into the house and strolled in the yard.

Noriss has completely recuperated and has a blissful existence with his family.

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