The Traitors are supposed to be returning with a superstar version: ‘It’s a logical next step.’

The first period of The Traitor may just finished, but BBC executives are believed to be so pleased with its achievement that they’re already intending a second season, this moment with famous people.

The reality show came to a close on Thursday evening, with Mery Wiliams, Aaron Evan, and Hanah Byczkowskii successfully identifing and banishing all of the Traitor.

As a result, they each received a share of the £102,040 prize pool. Now, the BBC is rumored to be not only planning some other season, but also recruiting famous people.

A TV whistleblower has asserted that the television channel is ‘delighted’ with how much adore there is for the exhibition, and that a superstar version would be ‘a natural next step.

‘Vieweres will be able to see various sides of certain big names as those who attempt to manipulate the others find out the truth regarding former teammates,’ The Daily Mirror reported.

According to television station, the first episod drew a honorable 2.8 milion viewers, but it has since been seen from over 5 m. viewers who’ve already swept up on iPlayer.

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