This adorable ‘werewolf’ dog has the perfect Halloween smile

You haven’t met Dara if you don’t believe in mythical creatures.

Dara’s transformation from an adorable dog to a scary, wolf-like creature ready for Festivities is as simple as a smiling face — and Dara smiles a lot.

«She creates that face anytime she wants you to give her her Lamb Chop toy,» Dara’s mother said. «She’s obsessed to bringing them back.»

The little werewolf attracts attention on the road, but she is nothing to afraid of. «She’s quite shy when she meets somebody new,» Lewis explained.

«She’s however only 5 pounds, so she’s not overpowering.» Dara was discovered wandering around the streets and ended up in a sanctuary.

Lewis ‘s aunt, who works for an animal shelter, shared a picture of the unusual dog on Facebook.

«My husband and I fell in love right away… we’d never seen a dog like her before,» Lewis explained.

«We contacted my aunt to arrange a time to meet her, as she was the cutest tiny girl.» Now they are very happy to have each other.

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