This is shocking news. You’ve never heard or seen a mountain-climbing cat reach Snowdon’s summit

A salvage feline has traded tree moving for mountaineering, coming to the highest point of Mount Wales this year — with his lurcher buddy and veterinary medical attendant proprietor close by.

Only two days old, they had been isolated from their mom, so Katie hand-raised them.

With just adequate space for one cat Katie chose to keep Orion, having experienced passionate feelings.

Since bringing the tomcat home he’s gone from one solidarity to another, subsiding into existence with five-year-old lurcher, Pongo, and investigating with his buddies.

Katie began preparing Oriona on a bridle when he was nine weeks old, saying: ‘He’s a particularly relaxed feline.

He took to being headed squarely in the opposite direction, and 2 years on Orion is a veteran drifter — in any event, joining Kat on a setting up camp.

He adores being in the van since he can simply watch the world from his little space.

Orion presented cheerfully for photographs 1,085 meters up on the pinnacle, however inclines toward lush regions for his brave excursions.

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