This nice boy won’t stop until he’s spotted out every turtle in need of assistance

Each turtle in the wild is important, and this Toad makes every effort he can to assist them.

As an important member of a big sustainability team, Toad uses his keen sense of smell to locate all types of turtles, so that his human peers can keep records of the native communities.

«Turtles play important roles in nature.» Jennifer Sirois said. «It is essential that their populations remain healthy.»

To ensure that the native turtle population is healthy, scientists in must first view them.

However, because turtles in the wild can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, scientists department decided to add a dog member to its group.

«Toad was raised particularly to be a sustainability sensing dog,» Siro explained.

They hopes to add more animals and educators to their program in the near future, but this is totally dependent on financing.

Until then, Toad will help his team to change the world and help turtles. You can find this dog stoires in the internet who is always helping turtles.

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