This touching story shows what love can do for a lonely shelter cat

When you see Ote now, cozy and meowing, you’d never guess he was once just some other sad cat looking for a lovely home.

But that is accurately how his mother discovered him while visiting her local shelter for animals.

He was clearly sad.» «But he also had a big personality that wasn’t meant to be contained.»

Everything changed after that.Though Ote’s dark disposition at the shelter transformed off some potential owners, who assumed he’d be an unwelcoming pet, Pilling chose to open her soul to him.

She soon discovered Ote’s true personality. She created a nice video to show Ote’s transfer — a heart touching example of what passion can do for a lonely rescue cat: And it’s all because Pilling was able to look beyond his pity at the sanctuary.

«When I reflect back at all the videos and photos I have of him in his playpen, I’m just so thankful he’s now with me, that I get to embrace him, and that he’s trying to live his best, funniest life,» she said.

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