Tiny special needs kitten is still having a band-aid on his head

A Stranger discovered creatures, parentless and took them in and began caring them.

It didn’t really take her long to discover the couple were very unique, so she moved them to rescue center, where they could receive the immediate treatment they required.

Owl’s front paws are missing some feet, and Parrot is missing both of her front paws.

Alison, the director of Rescue, realised these discrepancy as soon as the couple showed up in her care, and as they recovered from other health issues, she noticed Owel had some extra discrepancies.

«They were in poor shape when they arrived.»

Owl and Parrot, despite their special needs, don’t seem to realize they’re different from many other felines.

They’re having a great time with their foster family and haven’t let any of it slow them back yet.

Owl may appear odd with a Band-Aid and hat on his head, but they protect him and give him a super cute look, so he’s not complaining.

He is having a great time discovering the world and can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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