To avoid the family’s new puppy, the dog pretends to be blind

Ele was concerned that her dog, Bela, was becoming lonely when she began working longer hours than usual.

She believed it would be enjoyable for her to have a companion, so they adopted a little cute dog called Baguet.

Bela was overjoyed when she met Baguete, and the two hit it off right away. Bella quickly learned, however, that Baguete had far more power than she did and didn’t always know when she was completely done.

So Bela devised a strategy. Nailga began to notice that Bella was having difficulty getting on and off the chair.

She thought it was strange, but Bela appeared fine. «I woke Bela and Baguete up one day to play fetch.» «I threw the toy, but Bela refused to chase it.

Assuming it was because Baguete had taken it first, so I held Baguete still and threw it, but Bela was just gazing at me.

Naiega forced Bella to the vet, who identified her with blindness.

After some tests it transformed out, was not blind at all. Bela had simply decided she desired a break from the new dog, so she attempted to be blind in order to avoid having to play with her.

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