To take back his family’s full attention, Cat casually breaks the television

Vilo is a cute and attractive cat whose lovely existence comes with a catch. «He just does what he desires,» Vilo’s owner, Nina said.

However, Vilo frequently seeks attention. And he’s ready to pay any price to get it. Vilo’s desire for the attention to be on him occasionally makes even simple tasks more stressful for Nina and her family as they go about their daily lives at home.

Vilo, on the other hand, recently faced off against one of the most powerful competitors for his family’s attention — their large screen TV.

And, uh, he won. Vilo walked in as Nina and her brother were relaxing to watch a football.»I never assumed he’d bite it and, no fewer, break the TV,» Nina said.

«We were taken aback. It was unbelievable.» The TV is still showing a picture, but one-half of the display is completely dark.

The cat was well aware of what he was performing. He also has no worries.

«Vilo doesn’t appear to be sorry,» Nina observed. «He wanted to draw attention to himself.»

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