Tom Cruise pulls off the «most risky» acrobatics of his career for the next Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise performed the most unsafe prank of his professional life while shooting a scene the next Mission: Inconceivable film.

The actor, 61, is known for conducting his own acrobatics, which is no simple matter because of the intense, intervention franchise stores in which he appears.

Just after the great achievement of Top Gun: Maverick earlier this year, Tom is now focusing his efforts on the upcoming installment of the Mission: Inconceivable series, named Mission: Inconceivable.

And, as usual, he’s performing his own prank, this time the most risky yet. The actor announced on social networks in the week that he was «so eager to reveal what we’ve collaborating on,» as well as a video of the spectacular stunt.

Tom performs a motorbike climb off a cliff, followed by an unlimited prior to actually starting his chute at the last second.In the clip, an enthused Tom says of the stunt, ‘I’ve wished to do it since I was a young kid.’

‘This is by far the greatest risky situation we’ve ever tried…. we’ve been working on this for years,’ he says.

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