Tori Spelling, star of Beverly Hills, 90210, was taken to the hospital after experiencing ‘breathing difficulties.’

Tori Spelling disclosed that she was taken to the hospital after experiencing breathing problems, and she called out those who ‘gaslit’ her when she stated that she was too sick to work.

The former Beverly Hills, 90211 actress revealed on her Instagram Post that she’d been having ‘difficult time breathing, elevated blood pressure, and crazy drowsiness’.

Trying to explain that she was ‘low on hydrogen’, the 48-year-old finally opened on her stay in the hospital.’I’ve been here since late yesterday night,’ she chose to write.

‘To everybody who gaslighted me when you were advised I was just too sick to work, here I am.’

Dubbing herself a ‘career woman’, the reality television star added: The next time take somebody at full price and be kind rather than uncertainty.

Remember that not collaborating is a terrifying experience for individuals like me.

Tori expressed her desire to come home for the holidays with her children, revealing that the doctor’s medical staff is ‘flowing a battery of tests,’ as disclosed by US Weekly.

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