Trying to recover alcohol problem Sir Anthony Hopkins, 82, reflects on his 47-year recovery while urging everyone else to «get help» in a strong statement

Sir Anthony Hopkins has achieved a watershed moment in his abstinence and wishes to inspire anybody else who is battling addiction.

The Oscar winner, 83, has earlier spoken publicly about his alcohol addiction, uncovering the ‘wake-up call’ he had aged 38 after nearly drinking oneself ‘to passing.’

He now desires to instill hope in newer generations, imploring them to ‘get help’ if they require it, after having committed to abstinence in 1976.

‘Hello, all of us,’ the celebrity said in a sincere video statement. I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

‘I’d also like to mention that I’m going to celebrate 48 years of sobriety today.

But this is a light text that I hope will be helpful.»I am a recovering addict, and I recognize that there are individuals having problems, in a day and age of withdraw and loathing and non-compromise, I say this: be very kind oneself,’ he clarified.

Be considerate. If someone offends you, stay out of their toxic circle. ‘Live your life, and be grateful of it.’

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