Two Labrador retrievers stolen from outside M&S have been reunited with their owners

Two dark dogs have been brought together with their proprietors after 2 cheats escaped with them in the wake of grabbing their leads from a grocery store.

Denz and Welly were attached up at the principal access to the M&S, while the proprietor was inside shopping.

Proprietors Charlote and Robson say the burglary left them ‘sorrowful’.

However, after an unprecedented online entertainment offer, the pair posted the cheerful news on Instagram.

They composed: ‘We are totally lost for words at the force of online entertainment and the staggering work of Cheshire police… . our young men are home!!!!

‘This feeling is like no other and we will do our best to ensure the canines are protected going ahead. Much thanks to you to all of you who has shared, informed, been out there, offered assistance and everything under the in the middle between!

‘We are driving our young men home as I type this and we genuinely can hardly hold back to see our young ladies’ appearances.’

‘They are family canines and have a place here with their loved ones. They are 8 and 7-years old.

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