What caused a dog to interrupt a soccer game and sprint to the field

Mateo chose to take a walk through the streets of his neighborhood with his German shepherd dog, but he had no idea that he would become a celebrity.

The initial intention was to go for a normal walk, but they ended up passing the city’s football stadium in the middle of the journey.

In the wake of tracking down two reasonable spots to watch the game, Mateo and Almo plunked down for some time to watch the activity.

The game was energizing, yet there was something that grabbed Almo’s eye, it was the soccer ball, he didn’t take his eyes off the round object.

Yet, obviously, Almo’s goal was not simply to observe how the ball rolled, and very quickly he had the open door he was sitting tight for.

The goalkeeper had no idea what would happen at that point, but Almo came in unexpectedly fast and kept the ball throughout the game.

The canine had entered the field of play and snatched the ball like an expert player, she appeared to know what she was doing.

Every one of the players, onlookers and others were astounded by the thing was occurring, the game must be suspended, yet no one gave it a second thought.

Undoubtedly, Almo will continuously be recognized as a football legend, who showed his actual energy for the ball.

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