What kind of animal is sand, and can it be housed there?

Each creature needs honorable consideration and consideration. The pride of our nation is the sable. This creature gauges 1 to 2kg, the body length can arrive at a portion of a meter, the tail estimates around 20 cm.

These pets are accessible in dim and light tones, and dull fleece is viewed as more valuable. Is it conceivable to keep at home?

Sand is a dynamic pet, so before you make such an uncommon companion, you should appropriately prepare your home. Cupboards and other furniture should be firmly shut.

The creature needs a space where it will run, bounce, skip around. The positive nature of this sort of marten is the shortfall of smell, in contrast to different agents.

A beau ought to purchase a roomy enclosure or feature an overhang subsequent to covering it with a wire network. The creature likes different toys.

A caring companion rapidly joins himself to the proprietor and transforms into a restrained creature. Be that as it may, you should comprehend.

The creature treats the little ones well, acknowledges them, gives love and warmth.

At home, the creature eats meat, liver, feline food, natural product, dairy items and, surprisingly, honey.

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