What or who caused Will Smith to storm the stage and slap the speaker?

Will Smit’s infamous Oscars blow has been disclosed as the biggest news YouTube video of the year in the United Kingdom.

The unfiltered variant of the instant the Movie star lashed the step and spanked funnyman Chris Rock after he made a comment about Smith’s wife has indeed been viewed over 103 million times, as according Guardian News.

Just one video, that has 1.5 million views on YouTube, portrays the scenes already when Rock tells a joke about leading lady Jada Pinket Smith and her head as a consequence of her health condition, alopecia, at the Academy Award show in April.

Her husband after which storms out on to the stage and spanks the actor across the face.

Smith comes back to his chair and is then listened yelling at Rok, «keep my wife’s name far from your mouth,» as astonished participants of the viewer monitor.

The clip rapidly went viral and created news around the world, with actresses, famous people, and even politicians taking to media platforms to appreciate or criticise the event.

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