What used to be a dog’s favorite hobby?

This sweet little guy named Gost knows definitively where her #1 spot to visit is. It’s her grandmother’s home, obviously.

Certainly, Gost loves investing energy at home with her mother, Jernissa Williams.

In any case, it’s not difficult to see the reason why, for the little guy, her nana’s home is a far superior spot to be. That is where Gost gets the highest level of TLC — the benevolent no one but Grandma can give.

«Apparition frequently cries to go to my mom’s home,» Williams said. «My mom gets her treats, toys, garments and food. She is the Nana, as we call her.»

What Gost cherishes most no time like the present with Grandma are minutes like this — a depiction from their #1 everyday practice: brush time.

Very much like Williams’ mother brushed her hair as a youngster, she does likewise for Gost.

«It’s something they do frequently. It’s most certainly their holding period,» Williams said.

Apparition adores consistently with Grandma — and her mother loves it, as well. So investing a lot of energy in her home she turned into the closest companion of her.

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