What was the real reason for the rescue chicken’s doglike behavior?

Gogo the senior salvage never imagined he’d have a chicken for a sister, yet that is actually the thing he got with Lucky. Presently, Lucky is fixated on her bulldog sibling.

Fortunate — demands being with Gogo any place he goes. Now and again, that implies waking the puppy with a delicate peck.

Chico thinks Lucky dozes more than the normal chicken — because of Gus.

The connection between the two runs profound. Chico said their side interests incorporate peering out the front room window together and asking for food.

«Gogo was embraced by two different families who returned him for being raucous and pursuing felines,» Chico said. «In any case, he was totally ideal for ourselves and it was unexplainable adoration.»

Together, Gogo and Lucky’s everyday tricks have improved everything. Craziest friendship you see.

«They truly make me glad just by acting naturally,» Chico said. «They’re contacting the existences of so many. I frequently wish everybody could meet them face to face and perceive how really awesome and unique they are.»

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