When a dog is left alone at home, it slams through a door and ruins a sofa

The pet canine totally obliterated a couch and separated an entryway while his proprietor was working.

Vickie Shelton was stunned to get back home and see her love seat completely annihilated.

Vickie said: ‘We’d possibly had the love seat for quite some time when everything occurred. Bo rests on the love seat a ton, that is most certainly his space. He adores it.

I was working, and I was getting cautions from my pet camera that something was going on, however I thought it was simply Bo being Bo.

I returned home that evening and the canines were welcoming me at the entryway.

When I got to the lounge, that is the point at which I saw the sofa… My first believed was that I had been burglarized.

‘However at that point I saw the TV on the divider, and I thought, well how could they destroy the lounge chair and leave the TV?

It took more than two hours to tidy everything up, and there were six enormous plastic packs brimming with cushion.

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