When a family is unable to discover a tiny rescue puppy, they find he is hiding in plain view

Animal center always tries to help animails in difficult situations. This story is about one lovely dog, Ravine.

Ravine weighed only two pounds at seven weeks old. The vet said he would need additional attention to get him better and succeeding.

Lenz, who has more than 200 rescued animals on her farm, was quickly focused on assisting Ravine recover. «He was really sick at first,» Lenz said.

«He had no energy and spent much of his time sleeping.» Ravine transformed into a lovely little puppy eager to play and discover the world within days of arriving at the farm.

He was still very small, so Lez made sure to keep a close eye on him when he was out of his shelter.

One day the dog got asleep in the garden and Lenz thought he got lost.Ravine turns out, wasn’t missed at all — he’d been napping the whole time.

That only made me laugh. I’ve known where to search since then if Ravine goes’missing.’

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