When a rescuer finds a dog enclosed around her neck, he realizes she is not alone

Sone, a vet working on a small farm couldn’t dismiss a sound in the distance earlier this week. It sounded helpless, like a call for assistance.

«I ran to the spot right away.» «There was a walkover. I noticed a dog stuck in the earth. «Only her neck was left»

The dog was in pain. But, as he would soon discover, she wasn’t only worried with her own life. «It was very disheartening initially when I saw her,» he said. He knew he had to take action.

He quickly grabbed a pile and began digging. Another sound reached as he moved the dirt that was luring the dog. The sound was low but separate.

«I heard doggie cries,» he explained. «They were under the earth.»

He began digging again after the first dog was safely removed in attempt to save her babies. The lovely family was now in good hands thanks to Sone’s quick reactions.

He believes the mother dog was a stray who had to survive for herself in that miserable condition. But she and her children will no longer lose hope.

Their overall condition is excellent. The mother and her puppies were safe. «I will look after them as if they were my own.»

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