When a woman sees a ‘sad’ animal in the zoo, she knows she has to help

Shelley yearned for a brighter future for ten years. He could be seen held down against the wall surrounding his enclosure at th zoo he called home throughout the day and night.

Visitors nicknamed Shelley «sad creature» because his sadness was so obvious.

But best times were ahead of him; he just didn’t realize it yet. «Before his freedom, Shelley settle flat on the ground 24 hours with no shelter or a single friend.»

«It was clear he had given up on his existence.»

Shelley definitely needed assistance if he was to stay alive. «He had no shelter and was distress from a hurt front leg,»

«We made a request to the state legislators to release Shelley to us, and as soon as the request was accepted, we brought him home to center.»

The freedom took a long time, but Shelley now has a real family. «Shelley has carried me far more happiness simply because I get to enjoy him live the life he has always earned and waited ten years for,» Allen said.

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